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My name is Carrieanne, I am 9 years old and I have poorly muscles when my mum gets me up they ache and my back hurts. When my sisters and I play on our bikes I get very tired so my dad gets me a chair to rest, and I play on my phone instead. 

Ilike to make cards and charms as I don't need to run and get tired. I also love going to watch Wigan athletics but I have to wrap up warm as I get stiff if it's cold. My favourite football players are number 11 James McClean and 10 Shaun Maloney.

        I like going on holiday with my family we have loads of fun, I like going scarbough. I love to bake cakes even though I often have to sit down but I enjoy eating them better.

Ihave loads of hospital appointments and I hate going because they say horrible things and want my blood all the time.

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James McClean (wigan athletic player) and Kym Marsh (actress)

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